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Deuteronomy 8:18-20 Lexham English Bible (LEB)

18 But you must remember Yahweh your God, for he is the one giving you strength to acquire wealth in order to confirm his covenant that he swore to your ancestors[a] as it is today.[b] 19 And it will happen that if you indeed forget Yahweh your God and you go after other gods and you serve them and you bow down before them, I warn you today that you will surely perish. 20 As with the nations that Yahweh is destroying before you,[c] so you shall perish because you would not obey the voice of Yahweh your God.


  1. Deuteronomy 8:18 Or “fathers”
  2. Deuteronomy 8:18 Literally “as the day the this”
  3. Deuteronomy 8:20 Literally “from your faces”
Lexham English Bible (LEB)

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