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29 and grope thou in midday, as a blind man is wont to grope in darknesses; and (ad)dress he not thy ways; in all time suffer thou false challenge, and be thou oppressed by violence, neither have thou any that shall deliver thee. (and thou shalt grope in midday, like a blind man is wont to grope in the darkness; and the Lord shall not direct thy ways; at all times, or continuously, thou shalt be violently attacked and robbed, but thou shalt have no one to save thee.)

30 Take thou a wife, and another man sleep with her; build thou an house, and dwell thou not therein; plant thou a vinery, and gather thou not grapes thereof. (Thou shalt take a wife, but another man shall sleep with her; thou shalt build a house, but thou shalt not live in it; and thou shalt plant a vineyard, but thou shalt not gather its grapes.)

31 Thine ox be offered before thee, and eat thou not thereof; thine ass be ravished in thy sight, and be it not yielded again to thee; thy sheep be given to thine enemies, and none be that help thee to recover them. (Thy ox shall be slaughtered before thee, but thou shalt not eat any of it; thy donkey shall be stolen from thee, and it shall not be given back to thee; thy sheep shall be given over to thy enemies, and no one shall help thee to recover them.)

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