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23 Heaven, that is above thee, be it brazen; and the earth, that thou treadest on, be it iron. (The heavens, that be above thee, shall become as hard as brass; and the earth, which thou treadest upon, shall become as hard as iron.)

24 The Lord give dust for rain to thy land, and ash come down from heaven upon thee, till thou be all-broken. (The Lord shall give dust to thy land instead of rain, and ashes shall come down upon thee from the sky, until thou be all-broken.)

25 The Lord give thee (to) falling before thine enemies; by one way go thou [out] against them, and by seven ways flee thou from them, and be thou scattered by all the realms of [the] earth; (The Lord shall cause thee to fall before thy enemies; thou shalt go out against them by one way, but thou shalt flee from them by seven ways, and thou shalt be scattered into all the kingdoms of the earth;)

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