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24 Instead of rain, the Lord will send down duststorms and sandstorms until you are destroyed.

25 “The Lord will give your enemies victory over you. You will attack them from one direction, but you will run from them in all directions, and all the people on earth will be terrified when they see what happens to you. 26 When you die, birds and wild animals will come and eat your bodies, and there will be no one to scare them off.

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24 The Lord will turn the rain(A) of your country into dust and powder; it will come down from the skies until you are destroyed.

25 The Lord will cause you to be defeated(B) before your enemies. You will come at them from one direction but flee from them in seven,(C) and you will become a thing of horror(D) to all the kingdoms on earth.(E) 26 Your carcasses will be food for all the birds(F) and the wild animals, and there will be no one to frighten them away.(G)

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