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19 If you loan your ·fellow Israelites [relatives; brothers] money or food or anything else, don’t make them pay back ·more than you loaned them [interest; Ex. 22:25; Lev. 25:36–37]. 20 You may charge foreigners, but not ·fellow Israelites [L your relatives/brothers]. Then the Lord your God will bless ·everything you do [your undertakings; L all that is sent out from your hand] in the land you are entering to ·take as your own [possess].

21 If you make a ·promise [vow] to give ·something [a vow] to the Lord your God [Lev. 7:16–17; Num. 30:2–17], do not ·be slow [delay] to pay it, because the Lord your God ·demands [will surely seek] it from you. Do not be guilty of sin.

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