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Threats of Revolt. 26 (A)But you refused to go up;(B) you defied the command of the Lord, your God. 27 You set to murmuring in your tents, “Out of hatred for us the Lord has brought us out of the land of Egypt,(C) to deliver us into the power of the Amorites and destroy us. 28 What shall we meet with up there? Our men have made our hearts melt by saying, ‘The people are bigger and taller than we, and their cities are large and fortified to the sky; besides, we saw the Anakim[a] there.’”(D)

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  1. 1:28 Anakim: a people proverbially notable for height, mentioned in pre-Israelite Egyptian texts, and in the biblical tradition associated with the region of Hebron and the hill country of Judah (Nm 13:22, 28, 33; Jos 11:21; 14:12, 15).