And ye shall bring thither your burnt offerings, and your sacrifices, and your tithes, and the [a]offering of your hands, and your vows, and your free offerings, and the firstborn of your kine and of your sheep.

And there ye shall eat [b]before the Lord your God, and ye shall rejoice in all that ye put your hand unto, both ye, and your households, because the Lord thy God hath blessed thee.

Ye shall not do after all these things that we do [c]here this day: that is, every man whatsoever seemeth him good in his own eyes.

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  1. Deuteronomy 12:6 Meaning, the firstfruits.
  2. Deuteronomy 12:7 Where his Ark shall be.
  3. Deuteronomy 12:8 Not that they sacrificed after their fantasies, but that God would be served more purely in the land of Canaan.