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27 and thou shalt offer there thine offerings, and flesh, and blood, upon the altar of thy Lord God; thou shalt pour (out) in the altar the blood of the sacrifices; but thou shalt eat the flesh. (for thy burnt sacrifice, thou shalt offer both the flesh, and the blood, on the altar of the Lord thy God; and for thy peace offering, thou shalt pour the blood of the offering on the altar, but thou shalt eat its flesh.)

28 Keep thou and hear all things which I command to thee, that it be well to thee, and to thy sons after thee, [into] without end, when thou hast done that, that is good and pleasing in the sight of thy Lord God. (Hear thou and obey all the things which I command to thee, so that it be well with thee, and with thy children, forevermore, when thou hast done what is good and pleasing in the sight of the Lord thy God.)

29 When thy Lord God hath destroyed before thy face [the] folks, to which thou shalt enter and wield (When the Lord thy God hath destroyed the nations before thy face, to whom thou shalt enter in to take), and when thou hast wielded those folks, and hast dwelled in their land,

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