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Daniel 9:23-25 Expanded Bible (EXB)

23 ·When you first started praying [L At the beginning of your supplication], an ·answer [L word] ·was given [L went out], and I came to tell you, because ·God loves you very much [L you are favored/coveted/desired]. So ·think about [consider; reflect; ponder] the ·message [L word] and ·understand [consider; reflect; ponder] the vision.

24 “·God has ordered four hundred ninety years [L Seventy sevens/weeks are given] for your people and your holy city [C for the following reasons]: to ·stop [finish] ·people from turning against God [transgression]; to put an end to sin; to ·take away [atone for] ·evil [iniquity]; to bring in ·goodness that continues forever [everlasting righteousness]; to ·bring about [seal] the vision and prophecy; and to ·appoint [anoint] a most holy place.

25 “Learn and understand these things. A command will come to ·rebuild [L restore and build] Jerusalem. The time from this command until the ·appointed leader [anointed prince] comes will be ·forty-nine years [L seven sevens/weeks] and ·four hundred thirty-four years [L sixty-two sevens/weeks]. Jerusalem will be ·rebuilt [L restored and built] with ·streets [or public squares] and a ·trench filled with water around it [moat; or conduits], but it will be built in times of ·trouble [oppression].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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