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Daniel 9:22-24 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

22 and he taught me, and he spake to me, and said, Daniel, now I went out, that I should teach thee, and thou shouldest understand. (and he taught me, and he spoke to me, and said, Daniel, I have come now to teach thee, so that thou wouldest understand.)

23 From the beginning of thy prayers a word went out. Forsooth I came to show to thee, for thou art a man of desires (And I came to show thee, because thou art a man much beloved); therefore perceive thou the word, and understand thou the vision.

24 Seventy weeks of years be abridged on thy people, and on thine holy city, that trespassing be ended, and sin take an end (and sin is brought to an end), and that wickedness be done away, and everlasting rightfulness be brought, and that the vision and prophecy be [ful]filled, and the Holy (Place) of (the) saints be anointed.


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