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Daniel’s Prayer for the People

Darius the son of Ahasuerus, who was born a Mede, was made king over the nation of the Babylonians. In the first year of his rule, I, Daniel, understood the books which were given by the Lord through Jeremiah that Jerusalem would lie waste for seventy years. So I turned to the Lord God in prayer and did not eat. I dressed in cloth made from hair, and threw ashes on myself.

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Daniel’s Prayer

In the first year of Darius(A) son of Xerxes[a](B) (a Mede by descent), who was made ruler over the Babylonian[b] kingdom— in the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood from the Scriptures, according to the word of the Lord given to Jeremiah the prophet, that the desolation of Jerusalem would last seventy(C) years. So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting,(D) and in sackcloth and ashes.(E)

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  1. Daniel 9:1 Hebrew Ahasuerus
  2. Daniel 9:1 Or Chaldean