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As I stared at the creature and wondered about the ten horns, suddenly another horn grew out of its head, smaller than the rest. Three of the first horns were pushed up from their roots to make room for the little horn. It appeared to have eyes like a human and a mouth that boasted and bragged of its great exploits.

    As I watched the vision unfold,
        thrones were set in place,
    And the Ancient of Days took His throne above all.
        His clothes were the purest white, as white as snow,
        and the hair of His head was like the finest wool.
    His throne was a flaming fire,
        set on wheels that blazed like the sun.
10     A stream of fire emerged and flowed from His presence.
        Thousands upon thousands of heavenly beings were there to serve Him;
        millions upon millions stood by to attend Him.
    The heavenly court sat to hear a case,
        and the books of judgment were opened.

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