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I was considering the horns, and look, another little horn came up among[a] them, and three of the earlier horns were rooted out[b] from before it, and there were eyes like the eyes of a human[c] in this horn and also a mouth that was speaking boastfully.

I continued watching[d] until thrones were placed and an Ancient of Days sat; his clothing was like white snow and the hair of his head was like pure wool and his throne was a flame[e] of fire and its wheels[f] were burning fire. 10 A stream of fire issued forth and flowed from his presence;[g] thousands upon thousands served him and ten thousand upon ten thousand stood before him. The judge sat, and the books were opened.

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  1. Daniel 7:8 Literally “between”
  2. Daniel 7:8 Literally “dehorned”
  3. Daniel 7:8 Or “humankind”
  4. Daniel 7:9 Literally “I was watching”
  5. Daniel 7:9 Or “ablaze with”
  6. Daniel 7:9 Aramaic “wheel”
  7. Daniel 7:10 Literally “from before him”

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