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“After that, in my vision at night I saw in front of me a fourth ·animal [beast] that was ·cruel [fearsome], ·terrible [terrifying], and very strong [C perhaps the Greeks or Romans]. It had large iron teeth. It crushed and ate what it killed, and then it ·walked on [L stamped with its feet] whatever was left. This fourth ·animal [beast] was different from any ·animal [beast] I had seen before, and it had ten horns [C representing strength and power].

“While I was ·thinking about [reflecting on] the horns, another horn grew up among them. It was a little horn with eyes like a human’s eyes. It also had a mouth, and the mouth was bragging. The little horn ·pulled out [uprooted] three of the other horns.

“As I looked,
thrones were put in their places,
    and ·God, the Eternal One, [L the Ancient of Days] sat on his throne.
His clothes were white like snow,
    and the hair on his head was like wool [C white].
His throne was made from fire,
    and the wheels of his throne were blazing with fire.

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