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along with three chief administrators from them, one of which was Daniel. The regional authorities[a] reported to these three administrators,[b] so that the king would experience no losses. Daniel distinguished himself among all the administrators and regional authorities,[c] because he was of an extraordinary spirit. Therefore the king planned to appoint him over the whole kingdom.

A Plot to Destroy Daniel

Because of this, the administrators and regional authorities[d] tried to bring allegations of dereliction of duty in government affairs against Daniel, but they were unable to find any charges of corruption. Daniel[e] was trustworthy, and no evidence of[f] negligence or corruption could be found against him.

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  1. Daniel 6:2 Or satraps
  2. Daniel 6:2 The Aram. lacks three administrators
  3. Daniel 6:3 Or satraps
  4. Daniel 6:4 Or satraps
  5. Daniel 6:4 Lit. he
  6. Daniel 6:4 The Aram. lacks of evidence