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Daniel 5:19-21 Lexham English Bible (LEB)

19 And because of the greatness that he gave to him, all the peoples, the nations and languages trembled and feared before him; whomever he wanted he killed, and whomever he wanted he let live, and whomever he wanted he honored, and whomever he wanted he humbled. 20 But when[a] his heart became arrogant and his spirit became hard so as to act proudly, he was deposed from the throne of his kingdom and the[b] glory was taken away from him.[c] 21 And he was driven away from human society[d] and his mind was made like the animals[e] and his dwelling was with the wild asses; and he was given[f] grass like oxen to eat, and with[g] the dew of heaven his body was bathed, until he acknowledged that the Most High God is sovereign over the kingdom of humankind, and whoever[h] he wants he sets over it.


  1. Daniel 5:20 Literally “as that”
  2. Daniel 5:20 Or “his”
  3. Daniel 5:20 Literally “they took away”
  4. Daniel 5:21 Literally “from the sons of the humankind”
  5. Daniel 5:21 Aramaic “with the animals”
  6. Daniel 5:21 Literally “they gave him”
  7. Daniel 5:21 Aramaic “from”
  8. Daniel 5:21 Literally “to from that”
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