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10 Because of the words of the king and his lords,[a] the queen came into the banqueting hall[b] and the queen spoke up[c] and said, “O king, live forever,[d] and let not your thoughts terrify you and do not let your facial expressions grow pale.[e] 11 There is a man in your kingdom who has the spirit of the holy gods in him.[f] And in the days of your predecessor,[g] enlightenment and insight and wisdom like the wisdom of the gods was found in him; and, O king, Nebuchadnezzar your predecessor[h] appointed him as chief of the magicians,[i] the conjurers,[j] the astrologers,[k] and the diviners. Your predecessor[l] the king did this 12 because[m] there was found in him an excellent spirit and understanding and insight for interpreting dreams and explaining riddles and solving riddles; that is, in Daniel whom the king named[n] Belteshazzar. Now, let Daniel be called and he will tell the explanation.”[o]

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  1. Daniel 5:10 Or “nobles”
  2. Daniel 5:10 Literally “the house of the drinking”
  3. Daniel 5:10 Literally “answered”
  4. Daniel 5:10 Literally “to eternity”
  5. Daniel 5:10 Literally “change”
  6. Daniel 5:11 Literally “who the spirit of holy gods is in him”
  7. Daniel 5:11 Literally “father”
  8. Daniel 5:11 Literally “father”
  9. Daniel 5:11 Or “soothsayer-priests”
  10. Daniel 5:11 Or “enchanters”
  11. Daniel 5:11 Literally “Chaldeans”
  12. Daniel 5:11 Literally “father”
  13. Daniel 5:12 Literally “all of because that”
  14. Daniel 5:12 Literally “whom the king gave his name”
  15. Daniel 5:12 Or “interpretation”

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