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10 Hearing[a] the voices of the king and his officials, the queen entered the banquet hall. “Your majesty, live forever,” the queen said. “Don’t be frightened by your thoughts or allow your facial expression to show it. 11 There’s a man in your kingdom in whom dwells[b] the spirit of the holy gods. During your grandfather’s reign, he was found to have insight, intelligence, and wisdom, like that[c] of the gods. Your grandfather, King Nebuchadnezzar—your kingly predecessor—appointed him to be chief administrator over the magicians, enchanters,[d] Chaldeans, and astrologers, 12 because he was found to have an extraordinary spirit, knowledge, and understanding, along with an ability to interpret dreams, explain riddles, and solve difficult problems. His name is Daniel, whom the king renamed Belteshazzar. Call for Daniel, and he will reveal the meaning of the writing.”[e]

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  1. Daniel 5:10 The Aram. lacks Hearing
  2. Daniel 5:11 The Aram. lacks dwells
  3. Daniel 5:11 Lit. like the wisdom
  4. Daniel 5:11 Or occult practitioners
  5. Daniel 5:12 The Aram. lacks of the writing

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