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29 About a year later,[a] as the king was walking on the roof of the royal palace of Babylon, 30 he[b] commented to himself,[c] “Isn’t Babylon great? I’ve built a royal palace in it by my own might and power, for the sake[d] of my majesty.”

31 As these words were being spoken by the king, a voice came out of heaven: “King Nebuchadnezzar, this is declared to you:

‘The kingdom has been taken[e] from you!

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  1. Daniel 4:29 Lit. At the end of 12 months
  2. Daniel 4:30 Lit. the king
  3. Daniel 4:30 Lit. commented and said
  4. Daniel 4:30 Lit. glory
  5. Daniel 4:31 Or has departed

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