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Daniel 4:17-19 The Voice (VOICE)

17     The verdict comes down as the watchers decreed;
        the sentence is passed by order of the holy ones
    So that all who live on the earth
        may know that the Most High God is the true sovereign over all kingdoms of the earth;
    He grants authority to anyone He wishes
        and installs the lowliest of people into positions of power.’

(to Daniel) 18 “This is the dream I, King Nebuchadnezzar, dreamed, the vision I saw. None of the other sages and wise men in my kingdom are able to tell me what it means. But I believe you, Belteshazzar, can because the spirit of the holy gods is with you and you have a special gift. Now tell me what it means.”

19 As the interpretation of the king’s dream became clear, Daniel (who was also called Belteshazzar) became visibly upset for a while. His thoughts troubled him. The king noticed, and he spoke to Daniel.

Nebuchadnezzar: Belteshazzar, don’t let my dream or its meaning alarm you. Tell me what you know.

Belteshazzar: My lord, I wish the dream described those who hate you and its meaning concerned the fate of your enemies!

The Voice (VOICE)

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