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Daniel 2:9-11 Expanded Bible (EXB)

If you don’t tell me my dream, ·you will be punished [L there is one ordinance/verdict for you]. You have all agreed to tell me lies and wicked things, hoping things will change. Now, tell me the dream so that I will know you can tell me ·what it really means [its interpretation]!”

10 The ·wise men [astrologers; L Chaldeans] answered the king, saying, “No one on earth can ·do [reveal] what the king asks! No great and powerful king has ever asked the ·magicians [enchanters], ·fortune tellers [diviners], or ·wise men [astrologers; L Chaldeans] to do this [C normally the dreamer would tell the dream, and the interpreter would interpret it using a dream commentary]; 11 the king is asking something that is too hard. Only the gods could tell the king this, but ·the gods do not live among people [L their home/dwelling is not with flesh].”

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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