The king replied, “I know for certain that you are [a]bargaining for time, inasmuch as you have seen that [b]the command from me is firm, that if you do not make the dream known to me, there is only (A)one [c]decree for you. For you have agreed together to speak lying and corrupt [d]words before me until the [e]situation is changed; therefore tell me the dream, that I may (B)know that you can declare to me its interpretation.” 10 The Chaldeans answered [f]the king and said, “There is not a man on earth who could declare the matter [g]for the king, inasmuch as no great king or ruler has ever asked anything like this of any [h](C)magician, conjurer or Chaldean.

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  1. Daniel 2:8 Lit buying
  2. Daniel 2:8 V 5, note 1
  3. Daniel 2:9 Or law
  4. Daniel 2:9 Lit word
  5. Daniel 2:9 Lit time
  6. Daniel 2:10 Lit before the
  7. Daniel 2:10 Lit of
  8. Daniel 2:10 Or soothsayer priest

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