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The king responded,[a] “I’m convinced that you’re stalling for time because you’re aware of what I’ve commanded. So if you don’t disclose the dream to me, there will be only one sentence for all of you. You have conspired together to present lies and corrupt interpretations until the situation changes. Now tell me the dream and I’ll know that you can reveal its true[b] meaning.”

10 The Chaldeans answered the king directly, “There’s not a single man on earth who can do[c] what the king has commanded. No king, lord, or ruler has ever asked such a thing from any diviner, enchanter,[d] or Chaldean.

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  1. Daniel 2:8 Lit. responded and said
  2. Daniel 2:9 The Aram. lacks true
  3. Daniel 2:10 Lit. reveal
  4. Daniel 2:10 Or occult practitioner

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