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Daniel 2:8-10 American Standard Version (ASV)

The king answered and said, I know of a certainty that ye would [a]gain time, because ye see [b]the thing is gone from me. But if ye make not known unto me the dream, there is but one law for you; for ye have prepared lying and corrupt words to speak before me, till the time be changed: therefore tell me the dream, and I shall know that ye can show me the interpretation thereof. 10 The Chaldeans answered before the king, and said, There is not a man upon the earth that can show the king’s matter, forasmuch as no king, [c]lord, or ruler, hath asked such a thing of any magician, or enchanter, or Chaldean.


  1. Daniel 2:8 Aramaic buy the time.
  2. Daniel 2:8 Or, the word is gone forth from me: that if etc.
  3. Daniel 2:10 Or, be he never so great and powerful, hath etc.

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