18 Then he will turn his attention to the coastlands(A) and will take many of them, but a commander will put an end to his insolence and will turn his insolence back on him.(B) 19 After this, he will turn back toward the fortresses of his own country but will stumble and fall,(C) to be seen no more.(D)

20 “His successor will send out a tax collector to maintain the royal splendor.(E) In a few years, however, he will be destroyed, yet not in anger or in battle.

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18 After this shall he turn his face unto the isles, and shall take many: but a prince for his own behalf shall cause the reproach offered by him to cease; without his own reproach he shall cause it to turn upon him.

19 Then he shall turn his face toward the fort of his own land: but he shall stumble and fall, and not be found.

20 Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.

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