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· ho Masters kyrios, treat parechō your ho slaves · ho justly dikaios and kai · ho fairly isotēs, knowing oida that hoti you hymeis too kai have echō a Master kyrios in en heaven ouranos.

Persevere proskartereō in ho prayer proseuchē, being vigilant grēgoreō in en it autos with en thanksgiving eucharistia. At the same time hama, pray proseuchomai also kai for peri us hēmeis, that hina · ho God theos will open anoigō a door thura for our hēmeis · ho message logos, so that we may declare laleō the ho mystery mystērion of ho Christ Christos, for dia which hos · kai I am in chains deō; that hina I may make phaneroō it autos known as hōs I egō should dei. Conduct yourselves peripateō with en wisdom sophia toward pros · ho outsiders exō, making the most of exagorazō the ho time kairos. · ho Your hymeis speech logos should always pantote be winsome en charis, seasoned artyō with salt halas, so that you will know oida how pōs you hymeis must dei answer apokrinomai each person heis.

Tychicus Tychikos, a ho beloved agapētos brother adelphos, · kai faithful pistos minister diakonos and kai fellow syndoulos servant in en the Lord kyrios, will tell gnōrizō you hymeis all pas the news ho about kata me egō. I am sending pempō him hos to pros you hymeis for eis this houtos express purpose autos, that hina you may know ginōskō how ho peri we hēmeis are and kai that he may encourage parakaleō · ho your hymeis hearts kardia. With syn him is Onesimus Onēsimos, the ho faithful pistos and kai beloved agapētos brother adelphos, who hos is eimi one ek of you hymeis; they will tell gnōrizō you hymeis about gnōrizō everything pas · ho here hōde.

10 Aristarchus Aristarchos, · ho my egō fellow synaichmalōtos prisoner , sends aspazomai you hymeis greetings aspazomai, as kai does Mark Markos, the ho cousin anepsios of Barnabas Barnabas ( about peri whom hos you received lambanō instructions entolē; if ean he comes erchomai to pros you hymeis, welcome dechomai him autos), 11 and kai Jesus Iēsous who ho is called legō Justus Ioustos. These houtos are eimi the ho only monos Jewish ek peritomē Christians among my fellow synergos workers for eis the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos, and they hostis have been ginomai a comfort parēgoria to me egō. 12 Epaphras Epaphras, who ho is one ek of you hymeis and a servant of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous, sends aspazomai you hymeis greetings aspazomai, always pantote laboring agōnizomai on hyper your hymeis behalf in en his ho prayers proseuchē, that hina you may stand histēmi firm in en everything pas that God theos wills thelēma, mature teleios and kai fully assured plērophoreō. · ho 13 For gar I bear him autos witness martyreō that hoti he has echō worked ponos tirelessly polys for hyper you hymeis and kai for those ho in en Laodicea Laodikeia and kai · ho in en Hierapolis Hierapolis. 14 Our ho dear friend agapētos Luke Loukas, the ho physician iatros, sends aspazomai you hymeis his greetings aspazomai, as kai does Demas Dēmas. 15 Give aspazomai my greetings to the ho brothers adelphos who are at en Laodicea Laodikeia as kai well as to Nympha and kai the ho church ekklēsia that meets in kata her autos house oikos. 16 And kai after hotan this ho letter epistolē has been read anaginōskō among para you hymeis, see poieō that hina it is read anaginōskō also kai in en the ho church ekklēsia of the Laodiceans Laodikeus, and kai that hina you hymeis read anaginōskō the ho one from ek Laodicea Laodikeia as kai well . 17 And kai tell legō Archippus Archippos, “ See blepō to it that hina you complete plēroō the ho ministry diakonia that hos you have received paralambanō in en the Lord kyrios.”

18 I, Paul Paulos, write this ho greeting aspasmos in ho my emos own hand cheir. Remember mnēmoneuō my egō · ho chains desmos. · ho Grace charis be with meta you hymeis.

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