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11 You ·walk [trample; or levy a tax] on poor people,
    ·forcing them to give you [imposing a tax on their] grain.
You have built fancy houses of cut stone,
    but you will not live in them.
You have planted ·beautiful [pleasant] vineyards,
    but you will not drink the wine from them [Deut. 28:30].
12 I know your many ·crimes [trangressions],
    your ·terrible [numerous; great] sins.
You ·hurt [oppress] ·people who do right [the righteous/innocent],
    you take ·money to do wrong [bribes],
    and you keep the poor from getting justice in ·court [L the gate; v. 10].
13 In such times the wise person will keep quiet,
    because it is a ·bad [evil] time.

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