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I will send fire upon Moab,
    and it will devour the strongholds of Kerioth;
Moab shall meet death amid uproar,
    battle cries and blasts of the ram’s horn.
I will cut off the ruler from its midst,
    and all the princes I will slay with him, says the Lord.


[a]Thus says the Lord:

For three crimes of Judah, and now four—
    I will not take it back—
Because they spurned the instruction of the Lord,(A)
    and did not keep his statutes;
Because the lies[b] which their ancestors followed
    have led them astray,

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  1. 2:4–8, 12 Unlike the crimes of the nations detailed in this section, which are wrongs against other nations, those of Judah and Israel named here are violations of the Lord’s demands.
  2. 2:4 The lies: false gods worshiped by the Judahites.