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So I will send down fire upon Moab,
    and it will devour the fortified citadels of Kerioth.
Moab will die in the uproar of battle,[a]
    with a war cry
        and with the trumpeting of the ram’s horn.
I will execute their rulers among them,
    killing all of their officials as well,”
        says the Lord.

A Warning to Judah

This is what the Lord says:

“For three transgressions of Judah
    —and now for a fourth—
        I will not turn away;
because they[b] rejected the Law of the Lord
    and did not keep his statutes.
Their own lies made them wander off,
    following along the same path their ancestors walked.

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  1. Amos 2:2 The Heb. lacks of battle
  2. Amos 2:4 Lit. he; i.e. the nation personified as an individual