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So I will send fire on Moab
    that will ·destroy [consume; devour] the ·strong buildings [fortresses; palaces] of the city of Kerioth.
·The people of Moab [L Moab] will die in a great ·noise [uproar; tumult],
    in the middle of ·the sounds of war [shouting; war cries] and trumpets.
So I will ·bring an end to [destroy; L cut off] the king of Moab,
    and I will kill all its ·leaders [officials; princes] with him,” says the Lord.

The People of Judah

This is what the Lord says:

“For ·the many [L three, even four; 2:1] ·crimes [sins; transgressions] of Judah,
    I will ·punish them [L not turn back/grant a reprieve].
They rejected the ·teachings [law; L Torah] of the Lord
    and did not ·keep [guard] his ·commands [statutes; ordinances; requirements];
they ·followed the same gods [or have been led astray by the same lies]
    as their ·ancestors [fathers] had followed.

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