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So I will send down fire upon the wall of Gaza,
    and it will devour their fortified citadels;
and I will cut off the inhabitants of Ashdod,
    along with Ashkelon’s ruler.[a]
I will turn to attack[b] Ekron,
    and the rest of the Philistines will die,”
        says the Lord God.

A Warning to Tyre

This is what the Lord says:

“For three transgressions of Tyre
    —and now for a fourth—
        I will not turn away;
because they delivered the entire population to Edom,
    and did not remember their covenant with their relatives.[c]

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  1. Amos 1:8 Lit. with the one who holds the scepter of Ashkelon
  2. Amos 1:8 Lit. turn my hand against
  3. Amos 1:9 Or brothers