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And he said,
“The Lord thunders and roars from Zion [in judgment]
And utters His voice from Jerusalem;
Then the pastures of the shepherds mourn,
And the summit of [Mount] Carmel dries up [because of God’s judgment].”(A)

Thus says the Lord,
“For three transgressions of Damascus and for four (multiplied delinquencies)
I shall not reverse its punishment or revoke My word concerning it,
Because they have threshed Gilead [east of the Jordan River] with sharp iron sledges [having spikes that crushed and shredded].(B)

“So I will send a fire [of war, conquest, and destruction] upon the house of [a]Hazael,
And it shall devour the palaces and strongholds of [b]Ben-hadad (Hazael’s son).

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  1. Amos 1:4 Hazael ruled from Damascus (842-796 b.c.) as king of Aram (Syria). He was an important official in the court of Hadadezer whom he assassinated and then succeeded.
  2. Amos 1:4 Ben-hadad succeeded his father and ruled from 796-775 b.c.

He said:

“The Lord roars(A) from Zion
    and thunders(B) from Jerusalem;(C)
the pastures of the shepherds dry up,
    and the top of Carmel(D) withers.”(E)

Judgment on Israel’s Neighbors

This is what the Lord says:

“For three sins of Damascus,(F)
    even for four, I will not relent.(G)
Because she threshed Gilead
    with sledges having iron teeth,
I will send fire(H) on the house of Hazael(I)
    that will consume the fortresses(J) of Ben-Hadad.(K)

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