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And de as they autos were speaking laleō to pros the ho people laos, the ho priests hiereus and kai the ho captain stratēgos of the ho temple hieron and kai the ho Sadducees Saddoukaios moved in on ephistēmi them autos, greatly annoyed diaponeomai because dia · ho they autos were teaching didaskō the ho people laos and kai announcing katangellō in en · ho Jesus Iēsous the ho resurrection anastasis · ho from ek the dead nekros. So kai they laid epiballō hands cheir on them autos · ho and kai put tithēmi them in eis custody tērēsis until eis the ho next aurion day , since gar it was eimi already ēdē evening hespera. And de many polys of ho those who had heard akouō the ho word logos believed pisteuō, and kai the ho number arithmos of the ho men anēr came ginomai to about hōs five pente thousand chilias. · de On epi the ho next aurion day their autos · ho rulers archōn and kai · ho elders presbyteros and kai · ho scribes grammateus were gathered together synagō in en Jerusalem Ierousalēm, both kai Annas Hannas the ho high archiereus priest and kai Caiaphas Kaiaphas and kai John Iōannēs and kai Alexander Alexandros, and kai as hosos many as were eimi of ek the high-priestly archieratikos family genos. And kai having set histēmi them autos in en the ho midst mesos, they began to inquire pynthanomai, “ By en what poios power dynamis or ē by en what poios name onoma did you hymeis do poieō this houtos?” Then tote Peter Petros, filled pimplēmi with the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, said legō to pros them autos, “ Rulers archōn of the ho people laos and kai elders presbyteros, if ei we hēmeis are being examined anakrinō today sēmeron about epi a good euergesia deed done to a sick asthenēs man anthrōpos, by en what tis means this houtos man has been healed sōzō, 10 let it be eimi known gnōstos to you hymeis all pas and kai to all pas the ho people laos of Israel Israēl that hoti by en the ho name onoma of Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos of ho Nazareth Nazōraios, whom hos you hymeis crucified stauroō, whom hos · ho God theos raised egeirō from ek the dead nekros, by en him houtos this houtos man is standing paristēmi before enōpion you hymeis healthy hygiēs. 11 This houtos is eimi the ho stone lithos that ho was rejected exoutheneō by hypo you hymeis, the ho builders oikodomos, that ho has become ginomai the chief kephalē cornerstone gōnia. 12 And kai salvation sōtēria is eimi in en no one oudeis else allos, · ho for gar there is eimi no oude other heteros name onoma under hypo · ho heaven ouranos · ho given didōmi among en men anthrōpos by en which hos we hēmeis must dei be saved sōzō.” 13 Seeing theōreō · de the ho boldness parrēsia of ho Peter Petros and kai John Iōannēs, and kai coming katalambanō to find that hoti they were eimi uneducated agrammatos and kai common idiōtēs men anthrōpos, they were astonished thaumazō and te recognized epiginōskō that hoti they autos had been eimi with syn · ho Jesus Iēsous. 14 But te seeing blepō the ho man anthrōpos who ho had been healed therapeuō standing histēmi with syn them autos, they had echō nothing oudeis to say antilegō in opposition . 15 But de commanding keleuō them autos to go aperchomai outside exō the ho council synedrion, they discussed symballō the matter with pros one allēlōn another , 16 saying legō, “ What tis shall we do poieō with ho these houtos men anthrōpos? For gar that hoti a notable gnōstos sign sēmeion has been done ginomai through dia them autos is evident phaneros to all pas who ho live katoikeō in Jerusalem Ierousalēm, and kai we are unable ou to deny arneomai it. 17 But alla that hina it may spread dianemō no further epi polys among eis the ho people laos, let us warn apeileō them autos no mēketi longer to speak laleō in epi · ho this houtos name onoma to anyone mēdeis among men anthrōpos.” 18 So kai they called kaleō them autos and ordered parangellō · ho them not to speak phthengomai or mēde teach didaskō at all katholou in epi the ho name onoma of ho Jesus Iēsous. 19 · ho But de Peter Petros and kai John Iōannēs said legō in answer apokrinomai to pros them autos, “ Whether ei it is eimi right dikaios before enōpion · ho God theos to obey akouō you hymeis rather mallon than ē · ho God theos, you must judge krinō, 20 for gar we hēmeis cannot ou dynamai help speaking laleō of the things hos we have seen and kai heard akouō.” 21 And de when they ho had threatened prosapeileō them further , they let them autos go apolyō, for they could not mēdeis find heuriskō · ho how pōs to punish kolazō them autos on account dia of the ho people laos, since hoti they all pas were praising doxazō · ho God theos for epi what ho had happened ginomai. 22 For gar the ho man anthrōpos was eimi over polys forty tesserakonta years etos old on epi whom hos this houtos sign sēmeion of ho healing iasis had been performed ginomai. · ho 23 After they were released apolyō, · de they went erchomai to pros · ho their idios friends and kai reported apangellō all hosos that the ho chief archiereus priests and kai the ho elders presbyteros had said legō to pros them autos.

24 When they ho · de heard akouō this, they lifted airō their voices phōnē together homothumadon to pros · ho God theos and kai said legō, “ Sovereign Lord despotēs, you sy who ho made poieō the ho heaven ouranos and kai the ho earth and kai the ho sea thalassa, and kai everything pas that ho is in en them autos, 25 who ho through the mouth stoma of ho our hēmeis father patēr David Dauid, your sy servant pais, by dia the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma did say legō, ‘ Why hinati did the Gentiles ethnos rage phryassō, and kai the peoples laos devise meletaō vain schemes kenos? 26 The ho kings basileus of the ho earth took their stand paristēmi, and kai the ho rulers archōn gathered synagō together epi ho · ho against kata the ho Lord kyrios and kai against kata · ho his autos Messiah Christos.’ 27 For gar truly epi there were gathered synagō together in en · ho this houtos city polis against epi · ho your sy holy hagios servant pais Jesus Iēsous, whom hos you anointed chriō, both te Herod hērōdēs and kai Pontius Pontios Pilate Pilatos, along with syn the Gentiles ethnos and kai the peoples laos of Israel Israēl, 28 to do poieō whatever hosos · ho your sy hand cheir and kai · ho your sy plan boulē had predetermined proorizō to be ginomai. 29 And kai · ho now nyn, Lord kyrios, look upon epi · ho their autos threats apeilē and kai grant didōmi to ho your sy servants with meta all pas boldness parrēsia to speak laleō · ho your sy word logos, 30 while en · ho you sy stretch out ekteinō · ho your sy hand cheir to eis heal iasis, and kai signs sēmeion and kai wonders teras are done ginomai through dia the ho name onoma of ho your sy holy hagios servant pais Jesus Iēsous.” 31 And kai when they autos had prayed deomai, the ho place topos in en which hos they were eimi gathered synagō together was shaken saleuō, and kai they were all hapas filled pimplēmi with the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma and kai began to speak laleō the ho word logos of ho God theos with meta boldness parrēsia.

32 Now de the ho whole group plēthos of ho those who believed pisteuō were eimi of one heis heart kardia and kai soul psychē, and kai not oude even one heis said legō that anything tis that ho belonged hyparchō to him autos was eimi his idios own , but alla everything hapas was eimi common property koinos for them autos. 33 And kai with great megas power dynamis the ho apostles apostolos continued to give apodidōmi the ho testimony martyrion of the ho resurrection anastasis of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous, and te great megas grace charis was eimi upon epi them autos all pas. 34 For gar there was eimi not oude a needy endeēs person tis among en them autos, for gar as hosos many as were hyparchō owners ktētōr of land chōrion or ē houses oikia sold pōleō them and brought pherō the ho proceeds timē from ho what was sold pipraskō 35 and kai placed tithēmi it at para the ho apostles’ apostolos feet pous; · ho and de they distributed diadidōmi to each hekastos according as kathoti anyone tis had echō need chreia. 36 And de Joseph Iōsēph, who ho was surnamed epikaleō Barnabas Barnabas by apo the ho apostles apostolos ( when translated methermēneuō means hos eimi, “ Son hyios of Encouragement paraklēsis”), a Levite Leuitēs, a Cypriot Kyprios by ho race genos, 37 sold pōleō a field agros that belonged hyparchō to him autos and brought pherō the ho money chrēma and kai placed tithēmi it at pros the ho apostles’ apostolos feet pous. · ho