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11 These Jews[a] were more open-minded[b] than those in Thessalonica,[c] for they eagerly[d] received[e] the message, examining[f] the scriptures carefully every day[g] to see if these things were so.

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  1. Acts 17:11 tn Grk “These”; the referent (the Jews in the synagogue at Berea) has been specified in the translation for clarity.
  2. Acts 17:11 tn Or “more willing to learn.” L&N 27.48 and BDAG 404 s.v. εὐγενής 2 both use the term “open-minded” here. The point is that they were more receptive to Paul’s message.
  3. Acts 17:11 sn Thessalonica was a city in Macedonia (modern Salonica).
  4. Acts 17:11 tn Or “willingly,” “readily”; Grk “with all eagerness.”
  5. Acts 17:11 tn Grk “who received.” Here the relative pronoun (“who”) has been translated as a pronoun (“they”) preceded by a semicolon, which is less awkward in contemporary English than a relative clause at this point.
  6. Acts 17:11 tn This verb (BDAG 66 s.v. ἀνακρίνω 1) refers to careful examination.
  7. Acts 17:11 tn BDAG 437 s.v. ἡμέρα 2.c has “every day” for this phrase in this verse.