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· ho But de Saul Saulos, still eti breathing empneō threat apeilē and kai murder phonos against eis the ho disciples mathētēs of the ho Lord kyrios, went proserchomai to the ho high archiereus priest and requested aiteō from para him autos letters epistolē to eis Damascus Damaskos addressed to pros the ho synagogues synagōgē, that hopōs if ean he found heuriskō any tis who were eimi of the ho Way hodos, men anēr or kai women gynē, he should bring agō them bound deō to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm. As en · de he autos traveled poreuō along , approaching engizō · ho Damascus Damaskos, suddenly exaiphnēs a light phōs from ek heaven ouranos shone all around periastraptō him autos; · ho and kai falling piptō to epi the ho ground , he heard akouō a voice phōnē saying legō to him autos, “ Saul Saoul, Saul Saoul, why tis are you persecuting diōkō me egō?” And de he said legō, “ Who tis are eimi you , Lord kyrios?” And de he ho said, “ I egō am eimi Jesus Iēsous, whom hos you sy are persecuting diōkō. But alla rise anistēmi and kai go eiserchomai into eis the ho city polis, and kai it will be told laleō you sy what hos tis you sy must dei do poieō.” The ho · de men anēr who ho were traveling synodeuō with him autos stood histēmi speechless eneos, hearing akouō the ho voice phōnē but de seeing theōreō no mēdeis one . So de Saul Saulos got egeirō up from apo the ho ground , but de although his autos eyes ophthalmos were open anoigō, · ho he could see blepō nothing oudeis. So de they cheiragōgeō led him by the hand and brought eisagō him autos into eis Damascus Damaskos. And kai he was eimi three treis days hēmera without sight blepō and kai neither ou ate esthiō nor oude drank pinō anything.

10 Now de there was eimi a tis disciple mathētēs at en Damascus Damaskos named onoma Ananias Hananias; and kai the ho Lord kyrios said legō to pros him autos in en a vision horama, “ Ananias Hananias.” And de he ho replied legō, “ Here idou I egō am, Lord kyrios.” 11 Then de the ho Lord kyrios told pros him autos, “ Get anistēmi up and go poreuō to epi the ho street rhymē · ho called kaleō ‘Straight,’ and kai inquire zēteō at en the house oikia of Judas Ioudas for a man from Tarsus Tarseus named onoma Saul Saulos, for gar even idou now he is praying proseuchomai, 12 and kai in en a vision horama he has seen a man anēr named onoma Ananias Hananias come eiserchomai in and kai lay epitithēmi his ho hands cheir on him autos so hopōs that he might regain his sight anablepō.” 13 But de Ananias Hananias answered apokrinomai, “ Lord kyrios, I have heard akouō from apo many polys about peri · ho this houtos man anēr, how hosos much harm kakos he did poieō to ho your sy saints hagios at en Jerusalem Ierousalēm. 14 And kai here hōde he has echō authority exousia from para the ho chief archiereus priests to imprison deō all pas who ho call epikaleō on · ho your sy name onoma.” 15 But de the ho Lord kyrios said legō to pros him autos, “ Go poreuō, for hoti this man houtos is eimi for me egō a chosen eklogē instrument skeuos to ho carry bastazō · ho my egō name onoma before enōpion both te Gentiles ethnos and kai kings basileus and te the sons hyios of Israel Israēl, 16 for gar I egō will show hypodeiknymi him autos how hosos much he autos must dei suffer paschō for hyper the sake of ho my egō name onoma.” 17 So de Ananias Hananias went aperchomai and kai entered eiserchomai eis the ho house oikia; · kai he placed epitithēmi his ho hands cheir on epi Saul autos and said legō, “ Brother adelphos Saul Saoul, the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous, who ho appeared horaō to you sy on en the ho road hodos by hos which you came erchomai, has sent apostellō me egō so hopōs that you may recover your sight anablepō and kai be filled pimplēmi with the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma.” 18 And kai immediately eutheōs something like hōs flakes lepis fell apopiptō from apo his autos · ho eyes ophthalmos, and te he regained anablepō his sight . Then kai he got anistēmi up and was baptized baptizō; 19 and kai taking lambanō food trophē, he was strengthened enischuō. And de he was ginomai with meta the ho disciples mathētēs in en Damascus Damaskos for several tis days hēmera. 20 And kai right eutheōs away he began proclaiming kēryssō Jesus Iēsous in en the ho synagogues synagōgē, · ho that hoti this houtos man is eimi the ho Son hyios of ho God theos. 21 And de all pas who ho heard akouō him were astonished existēmi and kai said legō, “ Is eimi not ou this houtos the ho man who in eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm was trying to destroy portheō those ho who called epikaleō on · ho this houtos name onoma? And kai has he erchomai not come erchomai here hōde for eis the very houtos purpose of hina bringing agō them autos bound deō before epi the ho chief archiereus priests ?” 22 But de Saul Saulos became more mallon and more capable endynamoō, and kai threw syncheō into confusion the ho Jews Ioudaios who ho lived katoikeō in en Damascus Damaskos by proving symbibazō that hoti this houtos man Jesus is eimi the ho Christ Christos.

23 Now de after hōs some hikanos days hēmera had passed plēroō, the ho Jews Ioudaios plotted symbouleuō together to kill anaireō him autos, 24 but de their autos plot epiboulē was made known ginōskō to ho Saul Saulos. · ho They kept close watch paratēreō on · de · kai the ho gates pylē day hēmera and kai night nyx so hopōs that they might kill anaireō him autos; 25 but de his autos disciples mathētēs took lambanō · ho him by night nyx and let kathiēmi him autos down kathiēmi through dia an opening in the ho wall teichos, lowering chalaō him in en a basket spyris.

26 When he came paraginomai · de to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm, he attempted peirazō to join kollaō the ho disciples mathētēs; but kai they were all pas afraid phobeomai of him autos, not believing pisteuō that hoti he was eimi a disciple mathētēs. 27 But de Barnabas Barnabas took epilambanomai him autos and brought agō him to pros the ho apostles apostolos and kai he related diēgeomai to them autos how pōs on en the ho road hodos he had seen the ho Lord kyrios, and kai that hoti the Lord had spoken laleō to him autos, and kai how pōs in en Damascus Damaskos he had spoken parrēsiazomai out boldly in en the ho name onoma of ho Jesus Iēsous. 28 And kai he was eimi with meta them autos, going eisporeuomai in and kai out ekporeuomai at eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm, speaking parrēsiazomai out boldly in en the ho name onoma of the ho Lord kyrios. 29 He was talking laleō and kai disputing syzēteō with pros the ho Greek-speaking Hellēnistēs Jews , but de they ho were looking epicheireō for a way to kill anaireō him autos. 30 And de when the ho brothers adelphos learned epiginōskō about this, they took katagō him autos down to eis Caesarea Kaisareia and kai sent exapostellō him autos off to eis Tarsus Tarsos.

31 So oun the ho church ekklēsia throughout kata all holos · ho Judea Ioudaia and kai Galilee Galilaia and kai Samaria Samareia had echō peace eirēnē; being built oikodomeō up , and kai walking poreuō in the ho fear phobos of the ho Lord kyrios and kai in the ho comfort paraklēsis of the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, it increased plēthunō in number .

32 Now de as Peter Petros was traveling dierchomai through dia the entire pas region , he also kai came katerchomai down to pros the ho saints hagios who ho were living katoikeō in Lydda Lydda. 33 And de he found heuriskō there ekei a tis man anthrōpos named onoma Aeneas Aineas, bedridden katakeimai for ek eight oktō years etos, who hos was eimi paralyzed paralyō. 34 · kai Peter Petros said legō to him autos, · ho Aeneas Aineas, Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos heals iaomai you sy. Get anistēmi up and kai make strōnnyō your seautou own bed!” And kai immediately eutheōs he got anistēmi up . 35 And kai all pas who ho lived katoikeō in Lydda Lydda and kai · ho Sharon Sarōn saw him autos, and they hostis turned epistrephō to epi the ho Lord kyrios.

36 Now de in en Joppa Ioppē there was eimi a tis disciple mathētria named onoma Tabitha Tabitha, which hos when translated diermēneuō means legō Dorcas Dorkas. She houtos was eimi full plērēs of good agathos works ergon and kai acts eleēmosynē of charity , which hos she was always doing poieō. 37 In en those ekeinos days hēmera she autos became ginomai · de · ho ill astheneō and died apothnēskō; and de when they had washed louō her, they laid tithēmi her autos in en an upper hyperōon room . 38 Since eimi Lydda Lydda is eimi near engys · de · ho Joppa Ioppē, the ho disciples mathētēs, hearing akouō that hoti Peter Petros was eimi there en autos, sent apostellō two dyo men anēr to pros him autos urging parakaleō him, “ Do not delay okneō in coming dierchomai to heōs us hēmeis.” 39 So de Peter Petros got anistēmi up and went synerchomai with them autos; and when hos he arrived paraginomai, they took anagō him to eis the ho upper hyperōon room . · kai All pas the ho widows chēra stood paristēmi beside him autos, weeping klaiō and kai showing epideiknymi the tunics chitōn and kai other hosos clothing himation Dorcas Dorkas used to make poieō while she was eimi still with meta them autos. · ho 40 But de Peter Petros put ekballō them all pas outside exō, · ho and kai falling tithēmi to his ho knees gony he prayed proseuchomai; then kai turning epistrephō toward pros the ho dead body sōma, he said legō, “ Tabitha Tabitha, get anistēmi up !” And de she ho opened anoigō · ho her autos eyes ophthalmos, and kai seeing · ho Peter Petros, she sat anakathizō up . 41 And de he gave didōmi her autos his hand cheir and raised anistēmi her autos up; then de he called phōneō the ho saints hagios and kai · ho widows chēra and presented paristēmi her autos alive zaō. 42 And de it became ginomai known gnōstos throughout kata all holos · ho Joppa Ioppē, and kai many polys believed pisteuō on epi the ho Lord kyrios. 43 And de he stayed menō a number hikanos of days hēmera in en Joppa Ioppē with para a certain tis Simon Simōn, a tanner byrseus.

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