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33 “Out of the flames the Lord Yahweh said to him:

‘Take the sandals off your feet,[a]
    for you are standing in the realm of holiness.[b]
34 I have watched and seen how my people
    have been mistreated[c] in Egypt.
    I have heard their painful groaning,
    and now I have come down to set them free.
    So come to me, Moses,
    for I am sending you to Egypt to represent me.’[d]

35 “So God sent back to Egypt the man our people rejected and refused to recognize by saying, ‘Who appointed you to be our ruler and judge?’ God sent this man back to be their ruler and deliverer, commissioned with the power of the messenger who appeared to him in the flaming thorn bush.

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  1. Acts 7:33 Removing one’s shoes indicated the highest reverence. It is symbolic of removing earthly matters from our minds and hearts in readiness to accept spiritual realities.
  2. Acts 7:33 Or “you are standing on ground that is set apart” (sacred).
  3. Acts 7:34 The Aramaic is “I have seen their torment.”
  4. Acts 7:34 See Ex. 3:6-10.

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