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33 And de the ho Lord kyrios said legō to him autos, ‘ Take lyō off the ho sandals hypodēma from ho your sy feet pous, for gar the ho place topos on epi which hos you stand histēmi is eimi holy hagios ground . 34 Surely I have seen the ho oppression kakōsis of ho my egō people laos · ho in en Egypt Aigyptos, and kai I have heard akouō · ho their autos groaning stenagmos, and kai I have come katabainō down to deliver exaireō them autos. · kai Now nyn come deuro, I will send apostellō you sy back to eis Egypt Aigyptos.’ 35 This houtos · ho Moses Mōysēs, whom hos they rejected arneomai, saying legō, ‘ Who tis made kathistēmi you sy a ruler archōn and kai a judge dikastēs?’— this houtos man · ho God theos sent apostellō both kai as ruler archōn and kai redeemer lytrōtēs by syn the hand cheir of the angel angelos who ho appeared horaō to him autos in en the ho bush batos.

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