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33 And the Lord said to him, ‘Untie the sandal from your feet, for the place upon which you stand is holy ground. 34 Having seen, I saw[a] the mistreatment of My people in Egypt, and I heard their groaning, and I came down to rescue them. And now, come, I will[b] send you forth to Egypt’.

This Moses Whom Israel Denied, God Sent To Be Both Ruler And Deliverer

35 “This Moses whom they denied, having said, ‘Who appointed you ruler and judge?’ [Ex 2:14]— this one God has sent-forth to be both ruler and deliverer[c], with[d] the hand of the angel having appeared to him in the bush.

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  1. Acts 7:34 Having seen, I saw. This is a Hebrew way of speaking, meaning, I have surely seen.
  2. Acts 7:34 Lit, Let Me, a command spoken to Himself, an expression of His own resolve. God is not asking permission from Moses.
  3. Acts 7:35 Or, redeemer.
  4. Acts 7:35 Or, together-with, accompanied-by.

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