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13 and te they set histēmi up false pseudēs witnesses martys who said legō, · ho This houtos man anthrōpos does not ou stop pauō saying laleō words rhēma against kata · ho this houtos holy hagios place topos · ho and kai the ho law nomos, 14 for gar we have heard akouō him autos say legō that hoti this houtos Jesus Iēsous the ho Nazarene Nazōraios will destroy katalyō · ho this houtos place topos and kai will change allassō the ho customs ethos that hos Moses Mōysēs handed down paradidōmi to us hēmeis.” 15 And kai everyone pas who ho was sitting kathezomai in en the ho council synedrion, looking atenizō intently at eis him autos, saw · ho his autos face prosōpon like hōsei the face prosōpon of an angel angelos.

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