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Now de a tis man anēr named onoma Ananias Hananias, with syn Sapphira Sapphira · ho his autos wife gynē, sold pōleō a piece ktēma of property , and kai kept back nosphizō for himself some apo of the ho proceeds timē, with kai his ho wife’ s gynē knowledge synoida, and kai brought pherō only part meros of it tis and placed tithēmi it at para the ho apostles’ apostolos feet pous. · ho But de Peter Petros said legō, · ho Ananias Hananias, why dia tis did Satan Satanas fill plēroō · ho · ho your sy heart kardia to lie pseudomai to the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma · ho and kai to keep nosphizō back for yourself part apo of the ho proceeds timē of the ho field chōrion? While it remained menō unsold, did it menō not ouchi remain menō yours sy? And kai after it was sold pipraskō, was it hyparchō not under en · ho your sos control exousia? Why tis is it that hoti you have contrived tithēmi this houtos affair pragma in en · ho your sy heart kardia? · ho You have not ou lied pseudomai to men anthrōpos but alla to ho God theos!” When Ananias Hananias heard akouō · de · ho · ho these houtos words logos, he fell piptō down and breathed ekpsychō his last . · kai Great megas fear phobos gripped ginomai all pas who ho heard akouō about it. So de the ho young men neos came anistēmi forward , wrapped systellō him autos up, then kai carried ekpherō him out and buried thaptō him. After ginomai de an interval diastēma of about hōs three treis hours hōra · kai · ho his autos wife gynē came in eiserchomai, unaware of what ho had happened ginomai. And de Peter Petros addressed apokrinomai her autos, “ Tell legō me egō whether ei for so tosoutos much you sold apodidōmi the ho land chōrion And de she ho said legō, “ Yes nai, for so tosoutos much .” · ho And de Peter Petros said to pros her autos, “ Why tis is it that hoti you hymeis agreed symphōneō together to test peirazō the ho Spirit pneuma of the Lord kyrios? Look idou! The ho feet pous of those ho who buried thaptō · ho your sy husband anēr are at epi the ho door thura, and kai they will carry ekpherō you sy out .” 10 And de she fell piptō down immediately parachrēma at pros · ho his autos feet pous and kai breathed ekpsychō her last . When the ho young men neaniskos came eiserchomai in · de and found heuriskō her autos dead nekros, · kai they carried ekpherō her out and buried thaptō her beside pros · ho her autos husband anēr. 11 · kai Great megas fear phobos gripped ginomai the ho entire holos church ekklēsia, and kai all pas who ho heard akouō about these houtos things . 12 By dia · de the ho hands cheir of the ho apostles apostolos many polys signs sēmeion and kai wonders teras were being done ginomai among en the ho people laos. And kai they were eimi all hapas together homothumadon in en · ho Solomon’ s Solomōn Portico stoa. 13 But de of the ho others loipos no oudeis one dared tolmaō to join kollaō them autos; however alla, the ho people laos held megalynō them autos in high regard, 14 and de more mallon than ever believers pisteuō were added prostithēmi to the ho Lord kyrios, multitudes plēthos both te of men anēr and kai women gynē, 15 so hōste that they carried out ekpherō the ho sick asthenēs even kai into eis the ho streets platys, and kai laid tithēmi them on epi cots klinarion and kai mats krabattos, so hina that as Peter Petros came erchomai by at kan least his ho shadow skia might fall episkiazō on some tis of them autos. 16 · de A ho great plēthos number of people from the ho towns polis around perix Jerusalem Ierousalēm also kai came synerchomai, bringing pherō the sick asthenēs and kai those tormented ochleō by hypo evil akathartos spirits pneuma, and they hostis were healed therapeuō, all hapas of them.

17 Then de the ho high priest archiereus stood up anistēmi and kai all pas who ho were with syn him autos ( that ho is eimi, the party hairesis of the ho Sadducees Saddoukaios), and they were filled pimplēmi with indignation zēlos, 18 and kai they laid epiballō · ho hands cheir on epi the ho apostles apostolos and kai put tithēmi them autos in en the public dēmosios jail tērēsis. 19 But de an angel angelos of the Lord kyrios during dia the night nyx opened anoigō the ho doors thura of the ho prison phylakē and te brought exagō them autos out and said legō, 20  Go poreuō and kai stand histēmi in en the ho temple hieron and speak laleō to the ho people laos all pas the ho words rhēma of ho this houtos life zōē.” 21 And de when they heard akouō this, they entered eiserchomai the ho temple hieron at hypo · ho daybreak orthros and kai began to teach didaskō. But de when the ho high priest archiereus came paraginomai, and kai those ho who were with syn him autos, they called synkaleō together the ho council synedrion and kai all pas the ho elders gerousia of the ho sons hyios of Israel Israēl and kai they sent apostellō to eis the ho prison desmōtērion to have them brought agō before them autos. 22 But de when the ho officers hypēretēs came paraginomai, they did not ou find heuriskō them autos in en the ho prison phylakē, so de they returned anastrephō and reported apangellō, 23 saying legō, “ We found heuriskō the ho prison desmōtērion locked kleiō with en every pas security asphaleia and kai the ho guards phylax standing histēmi at epi the ho doors thura, but de when we opened anoigō it we found heuriskō no one oudeis inside esō.” 24 On hōs · de hearing akouō · ho these houtos words logos, both te the ho captain stratēgos of the ho temple hieron and kai the ho chief archiereus priests were perplexed diaporeō about peri them autos, wondering what tis this houtos could be ginomai. 25 And de someone tis came paraginomai and reported apangellō to them autos, “ Look idou! The ho men anēr whom hos you put tithēmi in en the ho prison phylakē are eimi standing histēmi in en the ho temple hieron and kai teaching didaskō the ho people laos.” 26 Then tote the ho captain stratēgos went aperchomai with syn the ho officers hypēretēs and brought agō them autos, but not ou with meta force bia, for gar they feared phobeomai the ho people laos, lest they be stoned lithazō.

27 And de they brought agō them autos and had them stand histēmi before en the ho council synedrion. · kai The ho high priest archiereus questioned eperōtaō them autos, 28 saying legō, “ We gave parangellō you hymeis a strict order parangelia to stop teaching didaskō in epi · ho this houtos name onoma. Yet kai you have filled plēroō · ho Jerusalem Ierousalēm with ho your hymeis teaching didachē, and kai you intend boulomai to bring epagō on epi us hēmeis the ho blood haima of ho this houtos man anthrōpos.” 29 But de in response apokrinomai, Peter Petros and kai the ho other apostles apostolos said legō, “ It is necessary dei to obey peitharcheō God theos rather mallon than ē men anthrōpos.” 30 The ho God theos of ho our hēmeis fathers patēr raised egeirō Jesus Iēsous, whom hos you hymeis killed diacheirizō by hanging kremannymi him on epi a tree xylon. 31 God theos exalted hypsoō this houtos Jesus · ho to ho his autos own right hand dexios as Leader archēgos and kai Savior sōtēr, so ho as to provide didōmi repentance metanoia for ho Israel Israēl and kai the remission aphesis of sins hamartia. 32 And kai we hēmeis are eimi witnesses martys of ho these houtos events rhēma, and kai so is the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, · ho whom hos God theos has given didōmi · ho to those ho who obey peitharcheō him autos.” 33 Now de when they ho heard akouō this, they were enraged diapriō and kai wanted boulomai to kill anaireō them autos. 34 But de there stood anistēmi up one tis in en the ho council synedrion, a Pharisee Pharisaios named onoma Gamaliel Gamaliēl, a teacher nomodidaskalos of the law , respected timios by all pas the ho people laos, and he ordered keleuō them to put poieō the ho men anthrōpos outside exō for a short brachus time . 35 And te he said legō to pros them autos, “ Men anēr of Israel Israēlitēs, take heed prosechō to yourselves heautou about epi · ho these houtos men anthrōpos, what tis you intend mellō to do prassō. 36 For gar before pro these houtos · ho days hēmera there rose anistēmi up Theudas Theudas, saying legō that he himself heautou was eimi someone tis, and a number arithmos of men anēr, about hōs four hundred tetrakosioi, joined prosklinō him hos. He hos was killed anaireō, and kai all pas, as hosos many as followed peithō him autos, were dispersed dialyō, and kai the movement came ginomai to eis nothing oudeis. 37 After meta him houtos rose anistēmi up Judas Ioudas the ho Galilean Galilaios, in en the ho days hēmera of the ho census apographē and kai mislead aphistēmi people laos, so that they followed opisō him autos. He too kakeinos perished apollymi, and kai all pas, as hosos many as followed peithō him autos, were scattered diaskorpizō. 38 So kai in the ho present nyn case I tell legō you hymeis, keep aphistēmi away from apo · ho these houtos men anthrōpos and kai leave aphiēmi them autos alone, for hoti if ean this houtos plan boulē or ē this houtos undertaking ergon be eimi of ek men anthrōpos, · ho · ho it will fail katalyō; 39 but de if ei it is eimi of ek God theos, you will not ou be able dynamai to stop katalyō them autos; lest mēpote you be found heuriskō also kai opposing theomachos God !” They were persuaded peithō · de by him autos, 40 so kai summoning proskaleō the ho apostles apostolos, they beat derō them and ordered parangellō them not to speak laleō in epi the ho name onoma of ho Jesus Iēsous, and kai they released apolyō them. 41 So men then oun they ho went poreuō rejoicing chairō from apo the presence prosōpon of the ho council synedrion, because hoti they had been considered worthy kataxioō to suffer indignity atimazō on hyper behalf of the ho name onoma. 42 And te every pas day hēmera, both in en the ho temple hieron and kai at kata home oikos, they did not ou stop pauō teaching didaskō and kai preaching euangelizō Jesus Iēsous the ho Christ Christos.

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