30 So because he was (A)a prophet and knew that (B)God had sworn to him with an oath to seat one [a]of his descendants on his throne, 31 he looked ahead and spoke of the resurrection of the [b]Christ, that (C)He was neither abandoned to Hades, nor did His flesh [c]suffer decay. 32 It is this Jesus whom (D)God raised up, [d]a fact to which we are all (E)witnesses. 33 Therefore, [e]since He has been exalted [f](F)at the right hand of God, and (G)has received (H)the promise of the Holy Spirit from the Father, He has (I)poured out this which you both see and hear. 34 For it was not David who ascended into [g]heaven, but he himself says:

(J)The Lord said to my Lord,
Sit at My right hand,
35 Until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet.”’

36 Therefore let all the (K)house of Israel know for certain that God has made Him both (L)Lord and [h]Christ—this Jesus (M)whom you crucified.”

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  1. Acts 2:30 Lit of the fruit of his loins
  2. Acts 2:31 I.e., Messiah
  3. Acts 2:31 Lit see corruption
  4. Acts 2:32 Or of whom we
  5. Acts 2:33 Or having been...having received
  6. Acts 2:33 Or by
  7. Acts 2:34 Lit the heavens
  8. Acts 2:36 I.e., Messiah