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Acts 2:24-26 The Passion Translation (TPT)

24 God destroyed the cords of death[a] and raised him up, because it was impossible for death’s power to hold him prisoner. 25 This is the very thing David prophesied about him:[b]

‘I continually see the Lord[c] in front of me.
    He’s at my right hand, and I am never shaken.[d]
26 No wonder my heart is glad and my glory celebrates![e]
    My mouth is filled with his praises,
    and I have hope that my body will live[f]


  1. Acts 2:24 As translated from the Aramaic, which can also be translated “God destroyed death’s destruction.” The Greek is “God freed him from the travails of death.” The Greek word translated “travails” is commonly used for the labor pains of childbirth.
  2. Acts 2:25 See Ps. 16:8-11.
  3. Acts 2:25 The Hebrew-Aramaic word is Yahweh.
  4. Acts 2:25 As translated from the Aramaic. The Greek is “so that I will not be shaken.”
  5. Acts 2:26 As translated from the Aramaic.
  6. Acts 2:26 The Greek word for “live” (kataskenosei) is always used for “pitch a tent.” Or “My body will pitch its tent in hope (expectation).” The Aramaic is “Even my body he will restore to hope.”
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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