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27 because [L the heart of] these people have become ·stubborn [dull].
    They ·don’t hear with their ears [or hardly hear with their ears; are hard of hearing],
    and they have closed their eyes.
    Otherwise, they might see with their eyes
    and hear with their ears.
They might really understand in their ·minds [hearts]
    and come back to me and ·be healed [L I would heal them; Is. 6:9–10].’

28 [L Therefore,] I want you to know that God has also sent his salvation to ·all nations [the Gentiles], and they will listen!” |29 ·After [or When] ·Paul [L he] said this, the Jews left. They were arguing very much with each other.|[a]

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  1. Acts 28:29 After … other. Some Greek copies do not contain the bracketed text.

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