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27 Do you believe pisteuō, King basileus Agrippa Agrippas, in the ho prophets prophētēs? I know oida that hoti you believe pisteuō.” 28 · ho Then de Agrippa Agrippas said to pros · ho Paul Paulos, “ In en too oligos short a time you believe peithō you are making poieō a Christian Christianos of me egō.” 29 · ho · de Paul Paulos replied, “ I would euchomai to ho God theos that whether kai the time be short en oligos or kai long en megas, not ou only monon you sy but alla also kai all pas those ho who are listening akouō to me egō today sēmeron would also kai become ginomai as toioutos hopoios I egō am eimi, except parektos for · ho these houtos chains desmos.”

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