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27 King Agrippa, do you believe the Prophets? I know that you believe”. 28 And Agrippa says to Paul, “In a short[a] time, are you persuading me so as to make me a Christian?” 29 And Paul says, “I would pray to God that both in a short time and in a long time[b], not only you, but also all the ones hearing me today might become such ones of-what-sort I also am— except for these[c] bonds”.

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  1. Acts 26:28 Or, With a little effort, In a little while, With a brief speech. In addition, this may be a question, In [such] a short time?; or, an exclamation, In a short time [longer]!
  2. Acts 26:29 Or, With a little effort and with a great effort; with a brief speech and with a long speech.
  3. Acts 26:29 Or, this imprisonment.

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