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24 And de after meta five pente days hēmera the ho high archiereus priest Ananias Hananias went down katabainō with meta some tis elders presbyteros and kai a prosecuting rhētōr attorney , one tis Tertullus Tertyllos; and they hostis laid emphanizō before the ho governor hēgemōn their case against kata · ho Paul Paulos. And de when he autos was summoned kaleō, Tertullus Tertyllos began archō to accuse katēgoreō him, · ho saying legō: “ Since we have enjoyed tynchanō a long polys period of peace eirēnē through dia your sy rule, and kai since reforms diorthōma are being made ginomai in ho the houtos nation ethnos by dia · ho your sos foresight pronoia, in every pantē way and kai everywhere pantachou we accept apodechomai them, most kratistos excellent Felix Phēlix, with meta all pas gratitude eucharistia. But de, that hina I may enkoptō not detain enkoptō you sy any epi longer polys, I beg parakaleō you sy to hear akouō us hēmeis briefly syntomōs in ho your sos kindness epieikeia. For gar we found heuriskō · ho this houtos man anēr to be a troublemaker loimos, · kai one who stirs kineō up riots stasis among all pas the ho Jews Ioudaios · ho throughout kata the ho world oikoumenē, and te a ringleader prōtostatēs of the ho sect hairesis of the ho Nazarenes Nazōraios. He hos even kai tried peirazō to desecrate bebēloō the ho temple hieron, so kai we laid hold krateō of him hos. When you examine anakrinō him yourself autos, you will be able dynamai to learn epiginōskō from para him hos about peri all pas these houtos things of which hos we hēmeis are accusing katēgoreō him autos.” And de the ho Jews Ioudaios also kai joined the attack synepitithēmi, saying phaskō that it houtos was echō so houtōs.

10 And te Paul Paulos responded apokrinomai, · ho when the ho governor hēgemōn motioned neuō to him autos to speak legō: “ Knowing that epistamai for ek many polys years etos you sy have been eimi a judge kritēs over ho this houtos nation ethnos, gladly euthumōs do I make my own emautou defense apologeomai concerning peri these things ho. 11 As you sy are able dynamai to verify epiginōskō for yourself, it is eimi not ou more polys than twelve dōdeka days hēmera since apo hos I went anabainō up to worship proskyneō in eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm, 12 and kai they did not oute find heuriskō me egō arguing dialegomai with pros anyone tis or ē stirring up epistasis a crowd ochlos, either oute in en the ho temple hieron or oute in en the ho synagogues synagōgē or oute in kata the ho city polis. 13 Neither oude can they dynamai provide paristēmi proof to you sy regarding peri the things of which hos they are now nyni accusing katēgoreō me egō. 14 But de this houtos I confess homologeō to you sy, that hoti according kata to the ho Way hodos, which hos they call legō a sect hairesis, thus houtōs I worship latreuō the ho God theos of our fathers patrōos, believing pisteuō all pas things that ho are according kata to the ho Law nomos and kai · ho written graphō in en the ho Prophets prophētēs, 15 having echō a hope elpis in eis · ho God theos, which hos · kai these men houtos themselves autos accept prosdechomai, that there is mellō to be eimi a resurrection anastasis both te of the just dikaios and kai of the unjust adikos. 16 In en view of this houtos · kai I autos do my best askeō to have echō a clear aproskopos conscience syneidēsis toward pros · ho God theos and kai · ho men anthrōpos at all times dia.

17  Now de, after dia several polys years etos, I came paraginomai to eis my egō people ethnos bringing poieō gifts for the poor eleēmosynē · ho and kai presenting offerings prosphora, 18 which hos I was doing when en they found heuriskō me egō, ritually purified hagnizō in en the ho temple hieron, without ou meta a crowd ochlos and without oude a commotion thorybos. 19 But de there are some tis Jews Ioudaios from apo · ho Asia Asia who hos ought dei to be here pareimi before epi you sy and kai bring katēgoreō charges , if ei they have echō anything tis against pros me egō. 20 Or ē let these men houtos themselves autos tell legō what tis wrongdoing adikēma they found heuriskō when I egō stood histēmi before epi the ho council synedrion, 21 other ē than this houtos one heis utterance phōnē that hos I cried krazō out while standing histēmi among en them autos: ‘It is regarding peri a resurrection anastasis for the dead nekros that I egō am on trial krinō before epi you hymeis this day sēmeron.’” 22 But de · ho Felix Phēlix, knowing oida more exactly akribōs the ho facts concerning peri the ho Way hodos, put anaballō them autos off anaballō, saying legō, “ When hotan Lysias Lysias the ho commanding chiliarchos officer comes katabainō down , I will decide diaginōskō · ho your case kata.”

23 Then he commanded diatassō the ho centurion hekatontarchēs to keep tēreō him autos in custody, but te to let him have echō some freedom anesis and kai not mēdeis to prevent kōlyō any of ho his autos friends idios from taking hypēreteō care of his autos needs . 24 After meta · de some tis days hēmera Felix Phēlix arrived paraginomai · ho with syn his idios wife gynē Drusilla Drousilla, · ho who was eimi Jewish Ioudaios. He sent metapempō for · ho Paul Paulos and kai heard akouō him autos speak about peri · ho faith pistis in eis Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. 25 And de as he autos reasoned dialegomai with him about peri righteousness dikaiosynē and kai self-control enkrateia and kai the ho judgment krima · ho to come mellō, Felix Phēlix became ginomai frightened emphobos · ho and said apokrinomai, “For the ho present nyn go away echō, but de when I find metalambanō time kairos I will send metakaleō for you sy.” 26 At the same hama time · kai he hoped elpizō that hoti money chrēma would be given didōmi to him autos by hypo · ho Paul Paulos. So dio · kai he sent for metapempō him autos frequently pyknos and conversed homileō with him autos. 27 When two years dietia · de had passed plēroō, Felix Phēlix was replaced lambanō · ho by Porcius Porkios Festus Phēstos, and te wanting thelō to curry katatithēmi favor charis with katatithēmi the ho Jews Ioudaios, · ho Felix Phēlix left kataleipō · ho Paul Paulos in prison deō.

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