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20 After meta · de the ho uproar thorybos ceased pauō, Paul Paulos sent metapempō for · ho the ho disciples mathētēs, and kai after encouraging parakaleō them and saying aspazomai farewell , he left exerchomai for eis Macedonia Makedonia. When he had gone dierchomai through · de · ho those ekeinos parts meros and kai encouraged parakaleō them autos with many polys words logos, he came erchomai to eis · ho Greece Hellas. He spent poieō three treis months mēn there, and when a plot epiboulē was hatched ginomai against him autos by hypo the ho Jews Ioudaios as he was about mellō to set anagō sail for eis · ho Syria Syria, he decided ginomai to ho return hypostrephō through dia Macedonia Makedonia.

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