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20 Thus in accordance with the might[a] of the Lord, the word was growing and prevailing.

Paul Decides To Return To Jerusalem And Then Go To Rome. He Sends Timothy Ahead

21 Now when these[b] things were completed, Paul put[c] in his spirit that, having gone through Macedonia and Achaia, he should be going to Jerusalem, having said that “After I come-to-be there, I must also see Rome”. 22 And having sent-out two of the ones ministering with him to Macedonia— Timothy and Erastus— he himself held-on in Asia for a time.

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  1. Acts 19:20 Or, His might, the word of the Lord (the emphasis being upon ‘of the Lord’).
  2. Acts 19:21 That is, Paul’s work in Asia, based in Ephesus, 19:1-20.
  3. Acts 19:21 Or, resolved in the Spirit. Note 20:22.

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