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When hōs · de Silas Silas and kai Timothy Timotheos came katerchomai down from apo · ho Macedonia Makedonia, · ho · ho Paul Paulos was wholly absorbed synechō with preaching the ho word logos, · ho testifying diamartyromai to the ho Jews Ioudaios that Jesus Iēsous was eimi the ho Messiah Christos. But de when they autos opposed antitassō and kai reviled blasphēmeō him, he shook ektinassō out his ho garments himation and said legō to pros them autos, · ho Your hymeis blood haima be on epi · ho your own hymeis head kephalē! I egō am guiltless katharos. From apo · ho now nyn on I will go poreuō to eis the ho Gentiles ethnos.” And kai he left metabainō there ekeithen and went eiserchomai to eis the house oikia of one tis named onoma Titius Titios Justus Ioustos, a worshiper sebō of · ho God theos, whose hos · ho house oikia was eimi next synomoreō door to the ho synagogue synagōgē.

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