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Silas and Timothy came from Macedonia [C the northern region of Greece] and joined Paul in Corinth. After this, Paul ·spent all his time telling people the Good News [L devoted himself to (preaching) the word], ·showing [testifying to] the Jews that Jesus is the Christ [Messiah; 17:3]. But they ·would not accept Paul’s teaching [L opposed/resisted him] and ·said some evil things [or reviled him; or blasphemed; 13:45]. So he shook off the dust from his clothes [C a sign of protest and that he was done with them, leaving them to God’s judgment; 13:51] and said to them, “·If you are not saved, it will be your own fault [L Your blood is on your heads]! ·I have done all I can do [or My conscience is clear; L I am innocent/pure]! ·After this [From now on], I will go to ·other nations [the Gentiles].” Paul left ·the synagogue [L there] and moved into the home of a man named Titius Justus, next to the synagogue. This man worshiped God [C a Gentile “God-fearer,” who worshiped the true God of Israel; 10:2; 13:43; 17:4].

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